„Ksiądz” for ShowMax – Arkadiusz Jakubik in Wojtek Smarzowski’s short film

„Ksiądz” for ShowMax – Arkadiusz Jakubik in Wojtek Smarzowski’s short film

In the next phase of the campaign for VOD platform ShowMax, Bridge2Fun has cooperated with esteemed Polish actors. The new short film Ksiądz directed by Wojtek Smarzowski stars Arkadiusz Jakubik, Danuta Wszołkówna, Robert Wabich and Michał Gadomski.

Smarzowski’s new production is a second short film in the campaign taking up the subject of boredom as an emotional state that generates dangerous ideas and drives into trouble.

Ksiądz is a combination of various stories told in the unmistakable style of the director. The eponymous priest (Arkadiusz Jakubik), having survived a car crash, is forced to spend the night at a roadside motel, where he soon learns that this was just the beginning of his troubles. The film interlaces murder mystery with a high dose of humour at times sprinkled with absurdity.




31 March 2017

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